The Killeen-Fort Hood LULAC Council 4535 has been offering Scholarships in the local area since its inception. Initially, Scholarships amounts were meager, however once the non-profit Foundation was chartered, the scholarship amounts were increased to $1,000 per recipient. As of 2017, we have awarded over $175,000 in Scholarships.  Scholarship donors are provided documentation ascertaining that these donations are tax deductible, and have increased to $20,000 per year.

The Killeen ISD and Copperas Cove ISD Scholarships applications are available through the respective high school counselors starting in mid-February 2018, and must be accompanied by a 200-word essay, as well as an official transcript provided by the School. Application for our scholarships at CTC and TAMU-CT are submitted through their campus Financial Aid offices.

To maximize possibility of receiving continuous scholarships at these two institutions, preference will be given to previous LULAC 4535 scholarship recipients. Both CTC and TAMU-CT offer matching scholarships. Please note that you do not have to be Hispanic to receive our scholarships.


Pictures of 2017 Scholarship Banquet